Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp is Church International’s children’s church. Every Sunday wetake an adventure through the Bible. To the right is Children’s Pastor: Amber Marsh.



Modern-Day Moses

Modern day moses is our young adult wednesday night class.




Twice Robin



Has Performed widely as the Christian Country group

Twice Robin Accolades include:


Youth Force


Youth are the future.   From its inception, Youth Force primary objective to train the leaders of tomorrow today.  The Youth Force curriculum is adaptable and teaches our youth foundational truths from the Word of God and equips our future leaders for ministry in a powerful and structured way. To the right are Youth Force Ministry’s Youth Pastors: Joey and Annie Dasis.




BREAKING NEWS!! Youth Force is starting a New Reality TV Series! First Episode Completed! Come Be a Part!

Photo: South Trek was hilarious !


Hadassa House

Ministry To The Nation Of Israel (Evangelism Ministry to Israel)

(Hadassa House also houses our Food & Clothes Ministry.)







Apostle Robin D. Bullock (Out Reach)

Teaching the Word of God without compromise  with the anointing of a true evangelist, Robin D. Bullock brings revelation to the serious Bible student who is searching for answers. H is unique teaching style makes truths from the Word of God accessible and stand out within reach.   His illustrations bring home the truths for many age groups.



Global Outreach


The world needs a God who is Absolutely Good.   Help us share this vital truth for the Body of Christ and the world by becoming a partner with this ministry.

Once the world discovers a God who is  Absolutely Good, lost people will genuinely seek a relationship with a loving Savior.   Once the church discovers a God who is Absolutely Good, many people called by Jesus’ name will no longer serve God out of fear of harm, but a genuine heartfelt love.




Bike Ministry! Got A Bike Join The Club!


Over The Top Bible College




Over The Top Bible College is a video course that is suitable for students desiring a deeper revelation of the Word of God.   The curriculum is divided into three topics:  Foundation, Consecration, and Revelation.


The Over The Top Bible College curriculum is divided into three consecutive topics.

The Bible declares we are the temple of the Living God.  Temples must have a firm foundation on which to stand.   Foundation, Consecration, and Revelation actually form a cycle of learning through which the serious Bible student builds their foundation.

This is how the cycle works.  Once a revelation is understood, and complete consecration is made to it, then that revelation becomes a “foundation” stone on which a person can build.

This is a never-ending cycle.

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